About Us

We are a boutique law firm in midtown Toronto. We pride ourselves on providing high quality and affordable legal services and representation. If you need a lawyer to assist you with your real estate transaction or to draft and execute a will/power of attorney, if you are involved in a civil dispute, if you wish to enforce a court order, or to bring an appeal to the Divisional Court, of an unfavorable outcome in a Small Claims Court or Landlord and Tenant Board matter, we are here to help!

We speak Farsi and English. Our licensed Farsi interpreter can accompany you on the hearing day, and facilitate the court process for you.

We care about you and your matter, and we do our best to reach your desired outcome. We help you make informed decisions for your legal issues, and we do our best to save you the time and hassle of litigation, by engaging in settlement discussions and navigating alternative dispute resolution methods. If litigation becomes necessary, we act as your zealous advocates.

We are accessible and responsive! We are a phone call or a text message away! Call us now to book your free initial consultation.